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Our Kansas maintenance calculator is designed to create a seamless user experience.

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The Kansas Maintenance Calculator is powered by an algorithm that uses the Johnson Country Bar Association formula to make calculations.

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You don't have to be an attorney or law student to benefit from the Kansas Maintenance Calculator. It was built for people of all ability levels.

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The Kansas Maintenance Calculator enables you to see and manage all of your maintenance calculations right from your dashboard.

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Just group your maintenance calculations by matter, and the Kansas Maintenance Calculator takes care of keeping them organized for you.

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With the Kansas Maintenance Calculator, you can make maintenance calculations for multiple states, calculate alimony recapture, and much more.

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The Kansas Maintenance Calculator presents relevant Kansas maintenance law articles so you can apply your calculations with confidence.

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My yearly gross income is $ {{ alimonyForm.errors.get('guestIncome') }} and my spouse's yearly gross income is $ {{ alimonyForm.errors.get('spouseIncome') }} .
My spouse and I have been married for {{ alimonyForm.errors.get('marriageLength') }} years.

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