Calculating Alimony

Entering Your Gross Incomes

The alimony calculator provides alimony calculations with one click of the mouse. To get started, you must provide you and your spouse's gross incomes. Once you have determined you and your spouse's gross incomes, enter those incomes into the appropriate fields in the calculator. The gross incomes should be entered in dollars.

alimony calculator income inputs

Entering Your Marriage Length

Next, determine the length of you and your spouse's marriage. The begin date is the date the marriage ceremony took place, and the end date is the date you or your spouse filed, or will be filing, for divorce. The length of time while the divorce case is pending is not included in the marriage length. Once you have determined your marriage length, enter the length into the appropriate field in the calculator. The length should be entered in years.

alimony calculator completed form

Calculating Alimony

Once you and your spouse's gross incomes and your marriage length have been entered into the calculator fields, click the "Calculate" button. That's it! Your alimony payment amount and duration will display on the page underneath the calculator.

alimony calculator output message

Referencing Prior Calculations

In addition, your alimony calculation will be stored for future reference, and all of your prior alimony calculations will be displayed on the page below the calculator. Your prior alimony calculations will be displayed with the most recent calculation on top. To remove a prior alimony calculation, click the red "x" button. Once clicked, that specific calculation will no longer be accessible or displayed on the page.

alimony calculator prior calculations