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The Alimony Calculator is a web application that calculates alimony amounts and alimony durations with a single click of the mouse.

It even lets you know if your alimony payments are subject to alimony recapture. It's the perfect starting point for determining your alimony payment.

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Arizona Maintenance Calculator

The Alimony Calculator calculates Arizona maintenance payments using the Maricopa County maintenance formula.

Illinois Maintenance Calculator

The Alimony Calculator calculates Illinois maintenance payments using the Illinois maintenance guidelines formula.

Kansas Maintenance Calculator

The Alimony Calculator calculates Kansas maintenance payments using the Johnson County Bar Association formula.

Texas Maintenance Calculator

The Alimony Calculator calculates maximum Texas maintenance payments using the Texas Family Code formula.

Virginia Maintenance Calculator

The Alimony Calculator calculates Virginia maintenance payments using the Fairfax County maintenance formula.

Alimony Recapture Calculator

The Alimony Calculator calculates federal alimony recapture amounts using the federal alimony recapture formula.

What Other Customers Say

“As a partner in a busy family law firm, I need a tool that I can count on when time is short and pressure is high. The Alimony Calculator is that tool.”

Wayne Lance
Family Law Attorney

“The Alimony Calculator is my go to source for quick and accurate alimony calculations. I recommend it for attorneys and non-attorneys alike.”

Marilyn Grant
Divorce Attorney

Developed By A Family Law Attorney

Hi, my name is Paul Johnson and I'm a divorce attorney. I built the Alimony Calculator because I have a passion for providing low cost legal resources to as many people as possible. I've worked tirelessly to make sure the Alimony Calculator gives you a quick and accurate determination of your alimony payment. Buy me a coffee and I'll tell you what you need to know about your alimony payment.

Paul Johnson
Creator of the Alimony Calculator

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